My Dream for South Sudan by Muoch Gach Gatluak

I have dream that South Sudan will one day be a richer, happier, and healthier place to live. Women will be safe, and our leaders will have the freedom to rule our country peacefully. There will be equality for all, and there will be no discrimination based on tribe, religion, colour, gender, creed, social or economic status, or race. South Sudan will be a place of development and growth.

South Sudan Will be Free of Corruption

Corruption is one of the major factors hindering the growth of our nation. Instead of making an effort to serve the growth of our country, officials and politicians are busy filling their own pockets. I dream of a South Sudan where ministers and official are committed to the development of our country. I dream of a South Sudan where citizens are treated equally and do not face discrimination.

South Sudanese Women Will be Empowered

Women’s empowerment is an important issue in South Sudan. We have to work hard to change the mindset of our society. I dream of a South Sudan that sees women as its assets, not its liabilities. I dream of a South Sudan that supports and empowers women, treating them as equal to their male counterparts. One day, our country will be free from gender bias and inequality.

South Sudan Will be Peaceful and Equal

Today, South Sudan faces a big gap between the rich and the poor. Corruption affects people from all walks of life. I dream of a South Sudan that is peace-loving, following policies of truth and non-violence. I dream of a South Sudan where there is social justice and equality, where tribalism and nepotism are eradicated in favour of brotherhood and freedom.

South Sudan Will be a Place of Opportunity

There is much room for growth of opportunity in South Sudan. I dream of a South Sudan where the needs of all citizens are met, where jobs are given based on aptitude, not on recommendations or place of origin. I dream of a South Sudan that is a leader in the fields of science and technology.

I Dream of a South Sudan Where:

· The SPLA army knows that they are a national army, not a tribal army

· Our people can live in peace

· Tribalism is replaced by patriotism

· Justice and equality prevail

· People from Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, and other tribes can live together as brothers and sisters, not enemies

· We all know that we are God’s children

· Our leaders fight to save the lives of civilians

· Our politicians know that we are all equal to them

· We are among Africa’s greatest nations

One day, it will be up to us, as the young people of South Sudan, to create change, selecting good leaders and eradicating violence and looting of national resources.

We Need:

· Leaders who work to protect citizens from danger and suffering

· Leaders who value justice, equality, and humanity over money

· Leaders who care about the lives of others and think about the future of this country

· Leaders who aim to unite our nation and strengthen our love for our country

· Leaders who embrace a future without tribalism, nepotism, corruption, hatred, or discrimination

If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problems that are devastating our nation. If we, as South Sudanese people, do nothing to help our nation achieve peace in the wake of tribal wars, we are guilty in the continuation of violence. If we are ignorant to the problems that our country faces, we perpetuate them. Solutions come through change, and change comes through awareness and the desire for a better tomorrow. A problem remains a problem only until it is solved.

Selfishness manifests in all of us, but our country needs us to stand up. We must work to unite our people for equality, eradicating the segregation and violence that affect our nation. It is our duty to eliminate the battles that plague our generation, fighting for the rights of our people and defending the weak and the poor.

Education must inform an important part of our country’s changing social landscape. Education can help us learn how to grow and develop as a people and as a nation.

We must be strong. We must believe that hatred can be overcome by love and forgiveness. We must believe that God will hear our cries and bring peace to our country once more. We must encourage ourselves and each other.

We all have dreams for our nation. We have to take difficult steps to achieve them. We must keep moving, knowing that God is always with us.

May God bless South Sudan.

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