I rejected men who could rent a house for me in Nakuru By Doryn Mabior

control me and remind me every day of how he supported my family.

I'm now rejecting desperate marriage proposals from so many men more than I refused when I was a young girl, and my family members are questioning my decision.

Do you want to know why????

First, I'm desperate for legacies, greatness (names) and accomplishment but my suitors were not and are not having the same dream instead they're desperate to settle and feed me from hand to mouth, rent for me in East Africa.

He refused to educate me like their colleagues did to some of my friends or instead take me aboard for better opportunities.

I become a baby producing machine, and then my dreams died. I rejected my suitors!

Second, my suitors had been abroad for 10, 15, 17, 18 and even over 20 years with all the opportunities; educational opportunity, job opportunities and humanitarian opportunities like someone can have a project and quickly get funded, but there's no visible success. Other nationalities come back victorious, but my suitors feed from hand to mouth.

I guess this is what my sisters realised after bearing children and started suffering. Then, they decided better to be single mothers than staying with men who have no directions.

Third, I Doryn Mabior, I'm so ambitious, and I want a visionary man, who has the potential to create us a legacy or at least a man who is closed to opportunities and I can push him towards greatness. I want to walk into the crowd before I open my mouth. The group is already murmuring and shouting, " that's so and so's wife." I don't want to struggle to describe my husband, who's comfortable working in a factory....... Is it your calling to work for someone else (factory) forever? Well, it's not my calling, I'm called to speak for the voiceless, be a leader and be a successful businesswoman.... I can't be all these with a man who is not dreaming like a man who cannot inspire me if not support me and me.

My suitors have a high living standard than me because they have opportunities than me, but they're not my type, altogether not my type....... They don't have what I want and don't seem like will be what I want; instead, they're wasting time, little time they get after long hours of working in factories on community politics, causing chaos among communities and dividing communities.

These aboard men vulnerable families are having no life; they feed from hand to mouth after years of being there...... I have seen prominent people who struggled without opportunities, connections or inheritance are in South Sudan they have companies, law firms, hospitals and radio station.

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