Healthway Social Media

Intro: Now more than ever is an extremely important time for the community to maintain good physical, mental health and overall wellbeing. Healthway continues to support our partners to create alternative ways in achieving outcomes and promoting health messages to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media provides a platform to engage our community with strategies to maintain good health during this period of physical distance. Healthway has created a range of social media tiles to help our partners to engage their target groups with important health messages. Please read below for more information on the tiles and how to best utilise them. Healthway Social Media tiles: Each week you will receive a package from your Healthway Partnership Officer (this is your fourth package!). Inside the package will be two user ready social media tiles around the following themes: • Keeping mentally healthy • Keeping physically healthy • Eating a healthy diet • Staying resilient while working from home The tiles will come with suggested captions and links to more information on the topic. You may personalise the caption to your organisation however if you do this please keep with the appropriate messaging. Do not hesitate to contact your Healthway representative if you require assistance. In certain circumstances the tiles can be edited to suit your organisation. Please contact your Healthway representative to discuss if you feel this will benefit your post and target group. The best times to post: As a genuine rule the best time to post is on weekdays and between the times of 9am to 3pm. Post one tile at a time, leaving at least one day between the two for the week. Remember you can post on several platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website and e-newsletters. Tags and hashtags: On Facebook and Twitter please tag @HealthwayWA and the relevant health campaign e.g. @LiveLighterCampaign @actbelongcommit @foodbankwa (if applicable this will be included in the suggested captions). The tiles will come with a list of suggested hashtags to include. Please include all hashtags unless you deem any not appropriate for your organisation. Healthway resource and activity hub: Additionally, for more resources, check out the Healthway resource and activity hub. The hub includes online health promotion activities and resources to support the health and wellbeing of our community. Please send through any of your activities or resources that we can add to the hub!

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