By Acting Chief Peter Lual Deng

Human beings have overlooked the God who inspired the people who wrote holy book, who continues to inspire today. In the modern world, many have lost their connections with ancestors and with God.

It is tough to hold silence when God uses us as mouthpieces to enlighten his people. It is up to us to help each other make good, informed decisions.

Social media is a popular medium of sharing messages. What occurred on 3 June 2020 was revealed to me in a dream, which I shared with friends by email and on Facebook.

The power of God speaks through the living, whose words are pure and from the heart of the Creator.

I thank Peter Athiu, who took the time write: “God prevented (Domkek meriir domkek akoon) in Dinka Language.”

“On 4 February 2020, while taking rest, I dreamt that fighting exploded in Juba, South Sudan. This means [that] the peace we are anticipating is not genuine.

Gunshots were irregular, and I observed people, including me, running for refuge in the capital city in a day-night break.

I alert families to leave Juba until further notice.”

I am worried about the events taking place in South Sudan.

A recently formed an investigation committee by the South Sudanese president will fall the country due to a lack of equilibrium and transparency. Investigating the causes of the 7 October movement will push people out of IG and could lead to the collapse of the riverbank. These activities could jeopardise the country if not managed with care.

Those who advise our leaders via social media are not their opponents. They are genuine friends working for better legacies for our leaders and for the continued liberation of South Sudan.

A few years ago, I dreamt that President Kiir lost support from many. When it seemed that things were going in the wrong direction, I attempted to contact the president to advise him to keep his supporters close. My advice, however, did not reach the president.

I urge our leaders not to ignore those who try to share their concerns with the government. As citizens, we know our leaders have tried their best, but they have been let down by workers who are not trustworthy enough to deliver services to suffering civilians.

I encourage the government to apologise to people of South Sudan.

The investigation crew constituted is not fair. It must be amended to reflect our diversity. Abraham Chol Maketh must be compensated, and the remains of Amos Ajak Garang and others must be reburied.


Bahr el Ghazal, Equatoria, and the Greater Upper Nile will remain in South Sudan, but power will come and go.

Light is coming to Jonglei State after ten years. We must be patience and remember to trust in God. The promised light will shine for us all.

“When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

The government must improve its ways of doing things. I encourage civilians to relocate to camps or home villages until further notice. I ask all citizens to look after themselves, and I ask traditional chiefs and school teachers to take care of them.

“Love your neighbour as yourself.” — Mark 12:30

“The person who loves correction loves knowledge.” — Proverbs 12:1

Peter Athiu God prevented (Domkek meriir domkek akoon) in Dinka Language.

Oliver Riak Paul Kuttick That's real dream and smart alert to the public.

Beny Matur Mathiang Peter Lual Deng, your dream is not far from the truth, the peace implementation is on the brink of collapse for second time again like in 2016J1 dog fights.

Mamer Dau Thuch I believe in your dream because it is concise with what prophet Ngundeng predicted long ago.

Ayen Achol Deng When you dream God gives you his secret so you can pray that it doesn't happen. With Daniel he averted the war.

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