As the COVID-19 pandemic tears around the globe,

As the COVID-19 pandemic tears around the globe, it is important time to continue checking on each other and encouraging one another to protect ourselves and our loved ones against this deadly disease. We know the hardships you are enduring. We know that jobs have been halted, economies crushed, and families and cultures altered by social distancing measures.

In Dinka, “Waan ci cit wen” means “Yesterday isn’t the same as today.” Let us all give thanks to almighty God for protecting the families of Bol Bul and Ateng Abdalla as they passed through the dark shadow of sickness. Our prayers have been heard, and our sister has fully recovered. Let us continue to pray for protection and wellbeing. At marriage, couples vow to care for each other in sickness and in health. Bol and Ateng have demonstrated this; may God bless them.

We’d like to give thanks to all the health care workers out there on the frontline. You are doing a fantastic job. Our safety is thanks to your good work. We’d also like to thank the authorities, with special note to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Premier Mark McGowan, for their vigilance and people-centred leadership. Thank you.

Let us continue to pray for the sick. As many of you are aware, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently being cared for in an intensive care unit. May God protect him, and may God protect all COVID-19 patients.

Let us care for each other by sharing information. Small amounts of knowledge can make a big difference. Thank you to those who continue to provide us with useful information.

Thank you to Mr John Akuot Achiek, the president of the South Sudanese community in WA, for his daily updates on the current status of COVID-19. Thank you to Aguar Garang, my sister, for directing us to Kiara Pharmacy to buy hand sanitiser. Thank you to Peter Lual Reech of Africa World Books for his use of video apps to host community shows.

Thank you to our pastors, Reverend Martha Adau, Reverend Peter Deng, Reverend Mathew Mading, Reverend John Dau, and Reverend Nyabanydit.

Thank you to all those who have volunteered to care for our elders. Beny Deng Ajang Awai has stepped up and volunteered to help Mama Atieldit during this crisis, taking care of her shopping and health. Thank you, Uncle Deng.

The leader of the Kongor Community WA, Atem Aluong, has suggested that anybody who wants to help relatives back at home should do it now. The progress of COVID-19 is unpredictable, prices of commodities are increasing daily, and at any point, banks may shut their doors.

In a day or so, the office of Twic East community will release a report covering October 2019 to March 2020. Some part of this report will be held for internal use, but publicly available portions will be available on the Twic East Community Association in WA Facebook page.

As we are not able to reach everyone by phone call, I extend this question to all our West Australian members: Are you okay?

Majok Jawat Malek

Chairperson of Twic East Community Association in WA.

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