Your purpose is your purpose BY Daniel Varone

Posted on May 4, 2020

The purpose of getting your money sorted is so that you can fully live in your purpose.  So many of us are running around working hard trying to pay for our lifestyle, we don’t have time to stop and think about our purpose. Public Service Announcement: Your lifestyle is not the point of life.  Your PURPOSE is the point of life.  You have been placed on this earth with gifts and talents.  You don’t have these gifts and talents just so that you can show off your gifts and talents.  The gifts and talents have been put inside you SO THAT you can be a solution to a problem on this earth. You are a solution to problems on this earth.  Your already planned you well before you were born.  You were already given all of your gifts and talents. I don’t have time for that We think that it is a luxury to dream about having a purposeful life, that only a select few people have a purpose.  The rest of us just need to knuckle down, work hard and make sure we put our offering in the basket (or via bank transfer) every Sunday. Nope, the essential thing about life is your purpose.  You don’t have time to muck around.  Life is a vapour, a mist, a piece of grass, here today, gone tomorrow. Are you going to spend it working 40, 50 or 60 hours to …..for stuff? Emphasis on the right thing Step one: Get your finances sortedGarry Keesee says it best when he says “fix the money thing”.  Don’t make a big deal about it.  Just sort it out.  Tidy it up.  Know what your cost of living is so that you can organise your day job around that.  We are wasting our time when we organise our life around our day job.  The emphasis needs to be on your purpose, not on your day job.  Painful lesson I wish I had have learned that earlier. I focussed my life around my day job.  Working late, bringing work home.  It really didn’t make much of a difference.  I wasn’t compensated for all those extra hours.  I thought I was being a machine.  Maybe that season required the pain and long hours.  But today, I don’t need to do that.  I only have to work three, maybe four days a week.  That will cover our living costs.  We “fixed the money thing” in our household. The rest of the time I can spend in the pursuit of my purpose, passion, and dreams. Won’t you get lazy? Earlier in my career, a particular boss of mine told me to buy a house, “because it will make me work harder”.  I swallowed his bait, hook, line, and sinker.  He didn’t say that for me, he said it for himself, so that I would work harder, for him, so that he could make a bigger bonus, on the back of my hard work.  That is not freedom, that is slavery.  The debtor will be a slave to the borrower.  I did plan to buy a house, so I am not blaming him.  But it was the wrong motivation.  Be careful who you listen to for motivation.  Ask yourself if they have a vested interest in you “putting in the extra hours”.  Purpose Land. So no, once you have got the living costs covered, you will not get lazy.  You will now be living in Purpose Land.  Every hour you spend in Purpose Land will give you energy, ideas, inspiration, motivation, passion, creativity, ingenuity, imagination, vision, resourcefulness, power, strength, and vigor.  You will be living on a higher plane.  You have been used to scratching with chickens, now you are soaring with eagles. My Apologies to the Marketing Department When we are living on fire with our purpose, we no longer fall foul of the marketers’ psychological tricks to separate us from our hard-earned money.  When we are living for the lifestyle, we are prey to commercials asserting that we “deserve” that car or we really “need” a holiday to a tropical location.    Fundamental Problem The problem with succumbing to that propaganda is that you will still have the fundamental problems that made you surrender to their message.  If you feel your life is so tiring or just plain boring that you need to go on a holiday (on credit, of course) to make you feel better, that right there is an issue to hone in on.  Question yourself, are you living your purpose, because, remember, purpose gives you energy.  A plan to get you finances under control, SO THAT you can live your purpose, will give you the energy to complete the plan, because you know you will soon be fully involved with and in tune with your purpose. Purpose Based Business You can turn your purpose into an income generating enterprise.  Imagine this.  You work a few days a week and this covers you living expenses.  A Purpose Based Business is not one where you borrow half a million so that you can purchase the capital, equipment or premises. The beauty of a Purpose Based business is that you ARE the capital, you contain the equipment inside you and because you have been put on this earth to solve that particular problem in the world, you are not limited to a particular place, so you can start from home.  You may not know exactly what it looks like now, or even when you are ready to launch.  All you have to know at this stage is that you ALREADY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES, you simply need to take the first steps.  Phase 1, Phase 2. This is why I believe it is imperative to get Phase one, getting your money on track, done and dusted first.  It doesn’t mean you are not thinking about your purpose, you always are.  You will have the drive to get it done quickly so that you can move on to the important thing, which is devoting your time to Phase 2, your purpose. Live your purpose Your purpose is inside you, waiting do get out and restore and repair the world through you!  Don’t let a material lifestyle hold you back from doing what you truly were born to do. Get your money sorted so you can LIVE YOUR PURPOSE!

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