Afro-Consciousness ----------------- SO CALLED MONEY RITUAL Why do people still believe that spirits manufacture money in some parts of Africa when they don't ? What's the driving force behind this myth? It's not uncommon to find both educated and non educated Africans accusing wealthy people of "money ritual" (which means they acquired their wealth through human sacrifice) especially when the source of their wealth is unknown Unfortunately, African spirituality has been cited as the source of this unsubstantiated claim. Movies and television drama across Africa continue to promote this false narrative about Voodoo money. What are the historical facts? Firstly, no African civilization used money as we know it. The medium of exchange (beside trade by barter) from ancient Egypt to the Oyo empire were gold, silver and in some rare cases cowries. And the ancestors knew exactly how to get those minerals through mining, and not spiritual rituals Secondly, every student of African spirituality understand the fundamental difference between matter and spirit, so that there is no confusion between the two. For example, a man with a broken bone doesn't go to a soothsayer for healing, but a harbalist who has scientific and practical knowledge . Furthermore, money is made by machines, and the only way to get it is by manufacturing it or through medium of exchange. The so called money ritual therefore is nothing but fantasy and imaginations, a direct result of cultural regression and superstition. But Why do we still find ritualistic killings across the continent if money ritual is fake? Because conning men continue to take advantage of people. With high level of poverty and ignorance on the continent , ambitious young men and women easily fall prey to these phony beliefs. Moreover, human organ trafficking is another open secret to this so called ritualistic killings in Africa. Known as the "Red Market" organ trafficking has been around for awhile. Human kidney and other parts of the body are harvested and shipped to developed countries for medical transplant. It's happening as we speak! To conclude, It's delusional to seek wealth through some spiritual rituals .And African spirituality in its truest sense cannot be the source of this egoistic vanity-with insanity. Respect the ancestors. Chat Conversation End

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