This world has history. We must record the stories of the heroes, heroines, and martyrs.

Whenever I speak about books, there are mixed reactions. I appreciate the community for their support, but I want to clarify that neither Africa World Books nor the authors published by the company make a living out of this. We share stories out of love for the community.

Sudan has had wars that have taken many lives and led to the migration of people. We have made history. Histories remind us how wars were fought, who fought in them, and who supported us to achieve independence.

My father died in the liberation struggle. We have the history of how he perished, and we must record it. The ancient past can educate today’s society about wars, migration, and cultural modifications.

In order for children who have migrated to trace their lineage, we must maintain records of family trees and people’s movements. These records will help the children of liberators understand who took their parents.

Africans live in tribes, and for each tribe to exist, people must record lines of descent. This is important for African Australians to connect to their forefathers’ land. It supports Africans living in Australia if they choose to return home with their children and work or live in the villages.

Imagine your child only knew Kenya, Egypt, and Uganda, where we were refugees. If you don’t encourage them to read about South Sudan, how will they know the country’s history? How will they know what made you migrate to your new home?

South Sudanese people contributed in various ways to the liberation struggle, and if we don’t teach our children that South Sudan is our home that we liberated together, children will consider themselves foreigners in the country their parents fought and suffered for. We must teach children that we all fought and that they deserve the same treatment as other South Sudanese citizens.

Histories are used to bridge the past, present, and future. They help us improve society and our way of life. Histories remind us to appreciate those who made it possible for us to live as we do today.

I thank all those who have purchased Visitation Conversations with the Ghost of the Chairman by Dr Francis Mading. It is an excellent book about the conversations between Dr Francis Mading and the ghost of Dr John Garang.

I wish all Twi sons and daughters who are competing for leadership of Twi East in Australia a peaceful and successful election. I thank Dachuek girls, community members, and friends who have supported online events recently.

By Africa World Books Founder and CEO and the Acting Chief Peter Deng

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