........Therefore, whether you are killed or you die a natural death, death is for you and you will never escape it in this World; though you may struggle against death but at the very end of your struggle, you will still lose to it; for it is in death that your earthly life will cease. The death of my father was extremely painful just as death is always painful to anyone who experiences it. So we have to be prepared to face it because at the end of the day, we all have to experience it.

When we are prepared, accepting it becomes easier. We were not prepared for my father’s death. So His death brought confusion into our lives because we didn’t know what to do and how to survive without him. This is because of the way our father had trained us only as spenders and not finders and he is the only one that worked hard to get what we needed. This, on one hand was a great mistake because in cases of unfortunate situations as his death, those of us left behind suffered tremendously because we were not trained to find something by ourselves. When death happens, those that are left behind always suffer, especially if they are not naturally creative.

......Death is not good because it brings suffering; death is a maniac because it has no favour for any person from the very beginning; if it comes to you, it will never reason whether you have people that depend on you and whether, when you die, those that depend on you are going to suffer or not. This is simply because death is a divine mechanism to accomplish the end mission of mankind and take us away from this World to the next World, as well as to separate us from each other temporarily till the day of resurrection; when we will all meet again.

However, our reunion with those who died before us depends on our individual relationship with God and how we spent our life on this earth. Unfortunately, though we have very good knowledge that one day we shall surely die, but because of the ultimate wickedness of mankind, death sometimes seems to bring to us a sense of rejection of God because if God is fair, loving, caring, merciful, gracious, why does He allow death to come to us? Naturally, when man is hit by danger and particularly death, man will try to reason with God. Attempting to reason God always brings human downfall– as a result, we automatically find ourselves somehow, sometimes in rejection of God.

Reasoning God on the basis of our daily problems is not a sin as long as our reasoning never leads us to commit sin against God Himself by driving us away from Him. God is not against any reasoning against Him – He created us to reason, but our reasons must not lead us to sin against Him because sin is what God is against.


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