The Africa World Books community education team wishes to acknowledge the parents.

We are very excited to see young people publishing books and learning Dinka languages. It is the responsibility of parents to support children learning these languages.Children are smart learners. We must act now to brighten their futures. They are the philosophers, leaders, and physicians of the future. We must commit to supporting children’s educations for a better tomorrow. We thank Akuot Aciek Akuot, SSAWA chairperson. He could not make it to the launch but has always supported community initiatives. Thank you to Manyang Deng, Alek Matur, Matut Matur, and Nyinuer for publishing their books with Africa World Books. May God bless you and your families. We thank Beny Matur and his family for taking the education of their children seriously. Beny is a great supporter of the work of Africa World Books. Garang Kuot, who permitted Africa World Books to give his children’s books to young people for free, is appreciated. We congratulate authors whose books are about to be published, and we wish future authors all the best in their journeys to authorship. Rev Matthew Madol, thanks for your continued prayers and for encouraging Africa World Books to continue with information dissemination. We give special thanks to David Majur, who came to videotape the book launch.

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