Some people ask me why are you not in any peace talks, IGAD or Rome?

How will social media/talking to the youth and women benefit you?" My reply: there are two positions on this. The Steps as a political official position and there's my personal position. Official position: as Steps, the peaceful movement political party we decided to make the effort to approach all peace talks platforms as IGAD and Rome, but it is clear there it is about muscles of the gun or "who is who" in South Sudanese politics, it is not about the alternative voices; the peaceful youth. Women and progressive voices! Steps tried to enter into those peace platforms but were ignored on the notion it is a peaceful movement advised to join a military group! Steps rejects to join any armed group. However, personally, as an individual, I chose not to join any peace agreement negotiations. As a veteran peace negotiator (IGAD 1999-2005 and again 2014-2015), I know these peace processes are about positions and political agreements, not about the People's peace. The time ensures to have People's ears and souls hear us and join in real peace; People's Peace, not about political positions and gains. Rather, let's focus on influencing our society to transform, once they're empowered, this will change nation! This is solely my opinion and firm belief now! Suzanne Jambo Steps Chairperson November 2020.

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