Roles and Responsibilities of Young People in Our Country’s Development

by Christopher Sebit Williamson

Young people are the building blocks of a nation. The stronger the youth, the more developed the nation is. The role of young people is essential to national development. Countries that utilise their youth in effective ways are typically more developed than countries that do not.

Countries that fail to recognise the importance of young people lag behind in every area of life. This is one of the reasons of that South Sudan faces development issues. Young people lack proper support.

Developed countries are aware of the worth of their young people. They consider their youth an asset. These countries cater to the needs of their youth and provide young people with education, employment, recreational activities, and more. They establish healthy and competitive environments that help to prepare young people for leadership.

If our young people remain unconcerned about the future of our nation, it will become a burden for the country. Young people must contribute towards national development. It is the responsibility of the government to provide opportunities for young people to serve their country. Parents, too, have an important role. Parents must work to understand and communicate with their children, guiding them to serve their country’s development.

The main roles and responsibilities of young people are to commit to education, to guide fellow young people, to play their part in the elimination of terrorism, to serve their country with their skills, to take part in social and welfare activities, to work hard with honesty, and to help the government to promote their country.

South Sudan has a large youth population. An estimated 5 million, or 53%, of people in South Sudan are under the age of 25. Due to manmade disasters, the majority of young people in South Sudan have not had the opportunity to experience a proper childhood. The male youth literacy rate is estimated to be 63%, and the female youth literacy rate is even lower at 46%.

Unemployment is a large issue among South Sudanese youth, with 90% of young people unemployed. Young people have major roles to perform, but because the government is not providing adequate opportunities, many young people are not fulfilling these roles.

One of the major problems faced by South Sudanese young people today is a lack of employment opportunities. When students complete their studies and are ready to serve their nation with their skills, they are often unable to find jobs. This leads to disheartenment.

The government has an important responsibility to provide opportunities to young people, increasing their commitment to education and their capacity to use their talents and serve their country.

The young people in our country, like young people everywhere in the world, are searching for ideals and values they can live by and for revolutionary ways to win them. Thus, the Freedom Charter has become deeply rooted in the hearts of our youth.

Education is the most powerful weapon of our young people, but the quality of education is lacking in South Sudan, especially for poor families. Our colleges and universities have become degree distribution machines. Many students have degrees but still cannot find jobs. The quality of their education is low, and they lack the skills needed for meaningful work.

Our young people need to work hard and utilise their talents, and our government needs to help them by creating more opportunities for youth.


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