Republic of South Sudan Australian Community in Canberra -ACT

Community Announcement on COVID-19 Outbreak

We are experiencing challenging times as a community, and the situation continues to evolve and change rapidly with the COVID-19 outbreak. Our ways of life will continue to be disrupted in our homes, schools and workplaces and therefore, we will be sharing what our community leaders will be doing to support our members. First and foremost, the health and safety of our members, stakeholders and the whole community are of utmost importance as we navigate through this scourge. This means we must adjust our ways of life and follow all advice and communications from the Australian Government and the ACT Health directives.

  1. Community Events - As part of an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to follow the restriction on the gathering as announced by the Australian Government by cancelling all upcoming events. We understand that some of you may be affected by this decision and hence, we will communicate our plan for these events with you via our usual channels of communications in the upcoming weeks/months. Also, on essential events, we urge everyone to apply social distancing and hygiene practices which includes. • Maintaining of 1.5 metres between patrons and • Continue to follow normal hand hygiene and infection control processes. COVID-19 is spread by droplet—wash your hands!For us to emerge strong and healthy let’s heed to advice given by health practitioners and help each other by sharing information about where to find our household essentials such as food and sanitary.It is predicted that there will be a huge economic slowdown as the economy stumbles from the effects of the scourge. If you anticipate any changes or that you will be affected, it will nice to search for new opportunities to continue to earn a living. Our experts in Human Resource can help you with resume and how to address selection criteria. We wish you all well.Thank you Leadership RSSACA-ACT Inc

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