Press Release: Unsung Giants Who Fought to Keep Africa Free

Press Release: Unsung Giants Who Fought to Keep Africa Free

No British Colonization in Anuak kingdom in Africa

It is time for Anuak writers to write their own history. Unsung Giants has revived the lost voice and pride of the Anuak people and reveals their successful victory against British colonization in the Anuak kingdom. The defeat of British in the battle of Juom in 1912 showed that not all African nations were colonized. Two nations in East Africa - Panywaa and Ethiopia resisted colonization more effectively than other African nations. The Anuak Kingdom was established in 15th century before British attempted to conquer it. Four years prior to the Berlin Conference in 1884-1885, Anuak political leaders acquired guns from Ethiopia. After they obtained firearms, Anuaks built a national army to defend their country from foreign aggressors. It was at this time, that the political establishment in the Anuak society and governing institutions proved its power and wit that led to blocking British from entering their land. The Anuaks have two parallel political systems; kingdom (Nyic) is five hundred years old, while Headmanship (Kwar) political system is thousands of years old. Cuai founded the Anuak political systems in the times where most nations around the world did not have any concept of states.

The Anuaks voice has been buried in the world history even though they defeated the British. This was the first time British soldiers witnessed the propaganda of their government that termed Africa stateless nations.

Anu people were responsible for key inventions in ancient Egypt.

Africans played a leading role in building civilizations from scratch that cannot be denied. It was the Anu people who invented written language, mathematics, science, astronomy, agriculture, and so forth. They developed kingship, which was adapted by the European nations. As a result, Africans’ earliest inventions later dominated the Western world. However, slave trade, colonialism and the manufacturing of guns led to European’s domination. Europeans used this dominance to erase all the early achievements Africans had made. The colonial propaganda led to teaching distorted history with the intention to brainwash Africans and African descents about the origins of civilization.

According to Diop, Europeans became civilized after they were taught by Black people in Ancient Egypt. During that period, Europeans learned how African kingdoms or governments worked. Therefore, many Greek philosophers including Plato, Aristotle, Solon, and Thales were taught by Ancient Egyptians. All those Greek scholars and intellectuals received their education in Africa: mother of civilization. In addition, Diop states that when Greeks were taught in Egypt, there were no schools in Greece. Meanwhile Africa’s civilization had reached its highest development: It was 10,000 years of civilization before Africans encountered Europeans. Since it was the first civilized nation, blacks influenced Greek society in many ways.

Unsung Giants is written to restore the lost voice and dignity of the African people. Understanding cultural and political consciousness of the Anuak people presents an engrossing and powerful history from a different perspective. It is the history of heroes which has never been told before. For more information, please read Unsung Giants Who Fought to Keep Africa Free.

A short Author’s Biography

Okoth Owity Opap attended Park University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Political Science in 2014. While Opap was a journalism student, he wrote numerous articles that were published in Stylus newspaper. Due to his writing skills, he was awarded a top feature/news writer in the university. In 2018, he graduated with a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Unsung Giants is his first book published by Africa World Books. Copies of the book can be ordered through Amazon and Africa world books.

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