My reply to our good African bishop

This text may be DISTURBING. Maybe HARSH. But it is HEALTHY when we speak our various versions of our truth. Even those Africans who support Trump push us become better us.

We need our truth, love for one another, to restore our humanity and our faith in ourselves, vision and optimism. We Africans can!

Both yourself (as a bishop) and I work with communities; we surely met countless amazing souls without "PHDs"—-some of our "education/semi exposure/"super wealth/rich/materialism maybe our misdirection" ....maybe we overestimate such... "My tribe is better than your tribe"..."My country is better than yours..", our greedy rulers exploit such fully together with their trigger happy friends and external greed.

BUT, we need faith and patience. Africa shall be amazing. We're all doing our part. It is being seeded.

If Tanzania could maintain stability and African love, Africa can!

If Botswana, Mauritius and even Rwanda could do it/are doing it, Africa can!

If Nigeria (1999), Kenya (2002) could achieve some semblance of People's ability to express and elect, Africa can!

If Liberia could finally seem hopeful with former president Madam Sirleaf Johnson, Africa can!

If South Sudan could gain its freedom from systemic racism and religious oppression...Africa Can!

If Ghana could finally emerge more economically viable than has been...if Ethiopia shall manage its current crisis, Africa can!

It's an evolution despite selfish resistance internally and externally. God always tells us "He is the Alpha and the Omega....with Him all things are possible."

If Obama of African descent could become the most powerful leader on earth...Africa can!

If over 93% African-American men and women elected USA president-elected Joe Biden/Kamala Harris....Africa can!

Today, you and I, many more on this noble forum/beyond could have great aspirations, dreams for Africa, there's hope just as the one we share and draw from our interactions with some fantastic countless Africans!

We need positive stories, the African media for our narrative to be echoed boost our morale—we're making strides!

The real journey of achievements begins with us still dreaming, transforming our mindsets; everything else shall flow super swiftly thereafter. Let's keep transforming one another.

We keep our faith and focus. God bless us all.

Sister Suzanne Jambo

South Sudan

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