Mother's day celebration By Majok Jawat (Twi East Chairperson)

This is to acknowledge a successful mother's day celebration held last night in Perth by Twi East leadership in WA. It was entertaining and interactive. The credit goes to Twi women leader Rabecca Akoi Manyok Akol and her team for working tirelessly to make this event achievable. Although every day is a mother's day, the world had designated one day in a year to say thank you to our mothers. We are indebted to our mothers for all the things they have done to us. There is no price to put on their countless effort than thank you. On this occasion, we say loud and clear to all mothers here and around the globe, "Thank you mothers"

To Twi Paramount chief beny Lual Reech Deng who was our guest speaker. No one has ever become poor for what he/she gives. What you give will come back to you in different form. Your gifts of Talking Bibles to our mothers were at the right time and at the right place. May the prayers of our mothers be the great blessing to you.

To South Sudanese President mr Akuot Achiek, Duk leader in WA beny Thon Lul Deng. Duk Paramount chief Aleer-Mangeer, Two gentlemen who are contesting for Duk Leadership in Australia, Beny Leek Makuek and beny Bol Chuol. Thank you brother Mangok Maker for registering your apology. Thank you all for coming and share with us.

Thank you to those who prepared other gifts for our mothers. Man-Mapior Thuch aka Akuch Mark, Man-Ayiik Malou aka Adhieu Chol. Man-Akon Atem aka Angeth Kuch. The list is long but you know yourself and God knows you. May God bless the gifts of your hands.

Thank you to those who support Twi East women office by pledging money. Our elder Deng Ajang Awai My brother Achuoth Deng Ajang, David Dau Deng, mabior Garang, Alier Duom, Gabriel Chol Garang, Atem Anyang, Chol Deng-Awan, man-Ajoh Chol Yak aka Nyanriu Bol, Man-Adit Manyang aka Nyankiir Garang, my lovely sister Deu Diing Kuot, malen Alek Akoy Ajak. Man-Gai Deng Yaak aka Amou Maketh, My niece Amuor Chuol and first lady Man-Jawat Malek aka Ayak Dau Abit. May almighty God refills your pockets as a blessing for your gifts last night.

To Twi East Executive committee members. Thank you for great organisation. The feedbacks are great. Our two mcs Ayom Bol Nhial aka Man-Agau, Lueth Dau and all others who were working behind the scene. Thank you.

It is important to leave our work station clear so that it will be use tomorrow. Beny Lual Reech, Achuoth Deng, Aguer Ajang, Akoi Manyok, Ayom Bol, Angeth Kuch, Achiek Deng, Ajhang Makeer, Ajok Bol, Lueth Dau, Adhieu Chol, Adau Kuer majok Jawat Malek and all I am not able to remember. you remained behind at the latest hours of morning to protect our image of our community. Thank you so much.

May God bless you all and May God bless Twi East Community WA.

@Twi East office WA.

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