The pain I went through almost wore me out: auspiciously, my struggle to know my identity because of the situations we had been through when father died – lent me into recognition of God’s purpose for creating me as a

human in this universe, and to be more receptive to life with all its implications. Hence it came to be my creed that,

“I am created in this universe to bring joy to others, to make others enjoy dignities and rights that are inalienable for all mankind and above all, to make life more meaningful to others”.

  1. This doctrine was the beginning of my change, my growth and positive directions in life, and to know that, “I do not live for man but for God and I will do to others what is required of me by God even if a man may let me down, and disappoint me in every aspect of life in this World.”These creeds brought to an end, the great battle within me, and it became the rebirth of my original ambitions to be kind, loving and an open-hearted and open-handed person just as my father was. QUOTED FROM CHAPTER 2 OF MY BOOK (Life Mania)

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