I am fixed now BY ZANO SOUTH SUDAN

I am fixed now 💖

Good things come in bad ways. Don't expect God to bless you or change your life immediately. He will use circumstances, people and events to fix you. Personal testimony ~~~ story ~~~ that will change your life from my memory that I have always wanted to share with my friends.

It was in a boarding school in Kenya 🇰🇪 when "God's calling" visited me in the morning in the form of "going home". All my dorm-mates had all went to a music festival in Nyahururu. They were going to spend two nights there. The fear of being lonely instructed my nerves and I went straight to the principal to ask him for leave. The untruth words that came out from my mouths only God knows. I lied to him that my niece's wedding was happening on that day and not the secret concert that I want to attend. He didn't even ask much since I was a well- behave and high achiever student in his school. He gave me 500 shillings as a fare and 2000 shillings to buy myself some good clothes so that I can attend the wedding directly from Thika since he estimated the time covered by my journey and told me if by any chance I goes home first I would delay for the wedding and that will make mum hate him.

As I was on my way home inside the "matatu" the conductor asked me to pay him the bus-fare. I went to the pocket where 2000 shillings were instead into the other pocket where 200 shillings were. The conductor gave me 40 shillings as my change instead of 1,840 shillings. I didn't realize until I reached home.

I met my sister Mary and I told her that I was coming home to go and attend the Daniel Diinganyai concert as I was invited as a guest artist by the girls who organized his concert. My sister was mad but I told her to keep quiet and keep it to herself since I didn't want either of my mum or brother to know about my short visit home from school ~~ because of the music.

At the venue in Lavington Kenya, 🇰🇪 some of my friends came and to my kindness, I had to pay their ticket so that they could go and watch me perform. Dinkanyai was already on the stage and I did not have any other further chances . I went on the floor and danced with other girls and friends enjoying the tune of the music" mutaar de pioudie" the song was lit.

As I was dancing, a beautiful girl came by. No one was dancing with her as boys were afraid of her ( beauty and her decent dressed ) she seemed familiar but perhaps my first time to meet her. I was filled up with David's courage when he faces Goliath. I introduced myself to her. One conversation leads to the other. All my colleagues that I had come with have all gone home and some of my best friends that I lean on during difficult times are all in boarding school. Nearly to die like "nyok mabior luol" I ran out of fare, I did not have any money to go home, my phone battery was dead. The girl helped me and she became the most important person in my life until today.

One helped became a million helped, she helped me builds my characters, helped me identify myself. She became my mentor. Just a few years ago I learned that God used her to 🔧 fix me.

Thanks, I am fixed now.

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