Harmony will not come to South Sudan until we rise above common barriers.

Fair hiring opportunities will not be realised unless the ministries instate a DNA test policy in South Sudan. Cattle rustling will not stop unless livestock owners are licenced and perpetrators of crime are held to account in the court of law. Poverty will not be resolved until the government builds schools, health centres, and roads and until people are treated equally, regardless of race, political affiliation, tribe, or faith. Peace will not come unless people cease to thirst for power. Job crises will not be eradicated unless retirement packages are introduced to encourage early retirement.

We have a good president, but he has surrounded himself with people who did not participate in the liberation struggle of South Sudan. Where were these people during the dark days?

If I were President Kiir, I would not have responded on social media as he has done. His recent speech offended many whose parents died for the South Sudanese people who are now in America, Canada, and Australia, who still support families in camps and in South Sudan.

We were expecting a great message of hope and encouragement, as is being delivered by many leaders around the world as they update their citizens on the COVID-19 pandemic.

We were expecting our president to light the way forward in peace and to show us how to stop the conflict that has engulfed our nation.

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