Generations will appreciate the efforts of authors at AWB for preserving information that is at risk

Generations will appreciate the efforts of authors at AWB for preserving information that is at risk of being lost.

Huge numbers of Any-Anya and SPLM/A are retiring without writing their memoirs, and their health is deteriorating. It would be unfortunate if we missed documenting critical events.

So-called concerned citizens of South Sudan are not as concerned as one would think. If they were, they would consult authors to find facts about what is going on in the state. Don’t they know that information is power? Sadly, they don’t want to read books about the country they claim to love and care for. Where are their sources of information?

We must provide facts to back up the debates about South Sudan’s current affairs. Participants engaged by concerned citizens of South Sudan are not interested in records about the country they allegedly embrace.

The show host, who I assumed was a good citizen and an intellectual, removed links to newly published titles by Africa World Books, which were shared for South Sudanese people to access.

This is not the first time South Sudanese friends who run online shows have deleted or been irritated by Africa World Books activities and related questions. Is it wrong to bring information to the citizens who claim to be concerned about the affairs of South Sudan?

Congratulations to our authors.

Newly released titles:

• UNSUNG GIANTS: Who Fought to Keep Africa (free Kindle edition) by Okoth Opap

• Revamping African Foreign Policies in the 21st Century by Joram M Biswaro, Abraham K Nyuon, and Samson S Wassara

• Invisible Bridge: An African Journey through Cultures by Francis Mading Deng

• Assuring the Future of South Sudan: Coherent Governance and Sustainable Livelihoods (paperback) by Daniel W Bromley, Lual A Deng, Santino Ayuel Longar, and Bishop (Emeritus) Enock Tombe Stephen

• The National Dialogue: A Framework for Sustainable Peace, Economic Growth, and Poverty Eradication in South Sudan by Lual A Deng

• The Birth of States: Successful and Failed Secessions by Jacob Dut Chol Riak.

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