“Families Dancing for Health” Project


“Families Dancing for Health” Project

February 2020

First of the Flyers to be designed and given out to the Communities for distribution to South Sudanese families of Perth.

A message put onto the AWBCE web site, with the dates and place of the project activities. Include the partner’s roles.

Elizabeth will undertake a radio interview towards the end of the month. She will mention the partner’s roles and Live Lighter slogans.

March 2020

Repeat the above, add Twitter, facebook and Instagram for the details. Repeat these activities 3 times in March.

Elizabeth will write 2 articles. Peter or an Office person will add a photo to the story and submit both the photo and the story. Mention will be made of healthway, Live Lighter and Ishar’s help with healthy foods and Nutrition.

The Flyer will be given out in the local Churches.

April 2020

Use the Flyer to be distributed at all Community meetings this month. Peter Deng to choose a representative to go to some local schools to advertise the dancing training. To be given out at local churches.

19/04 Week One. Twitter, facebook and Instagram to be used by Peter or one of the Office Staff.

Elizabeth Gardiner will be there to do some radio interviews. She will organise these before she leaves Victoria on the 14thApril. Elizabeth will write some Flyers and the Office designer will create a Flyer to distribute to the South Sudanese groups.

Twitter will mention healthway and Live Lighter with Instagram and facebook also being used to promote the work of our partners.

May 2020

Schools will be contacted again, to invite the school community to come and watch the final day – 31/05. We will have some handouts ready for distribution, with the healthway and Ishar messages on it. We will post some video onto our web site, with the drums and the people dancing. Office Staff to help with the celebration. Peter to appoint.

There will be another local paper article and if possible get a photo of some children in costumes. Facebook will have a video.

Each week in May, there should be more videos on our web page and if possible, healthway and Ishar will also have a Flyer to use and some video of the groups training. Their messages will be on our web site.

An interview with a few mothers could be booked for a Friday afternoon, if possible. Elizabeth will organise this before she returns to Victoria.


Final week – Awards given. Everyone will get a Certificate of Participation. If there are too many people, we will give them out to the leaders of each dance group. Videos will record the final dancing to be posted on our web site. Twitter, Instagram and facebook will be used to post video of the dancing. We will publicly thank our partners, healthway and Ishar. They will be invited to make a speech which will be recorded and put on our web site.


A full report will be written using data taken during the Project. The Budget will be settled and all Invoices and Receipts given to cover all costs. The Report will record how well or otherwise everything turned out. Healthway and Ishar will also write reports for Inclusion in the final Report. How we could learn from the Report will be a highlight.

Africa World Books Community Education is very grateful to healthway and Ishar for their support and good will throughout the project and we wish them every success for the future.

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