“Don’t disown/give up if a child performs poorly at school or starts having trouble with the law.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill performed poorly at school. His future didn’t look promising. He was taken to boarding school where caning or flogging was allowed, but still performed poorly. His poor grades placed him in the bottom of his class. It closed his path to University despite being from high social class. His father Lord Randolph was irritated & frustrated. Lord Randolph who possessed unmatched qualities of military genius didn’t give up on his son. He still advised his son Churchill to join military as a last resort to at least get an infantry career. Churchill still failed entrance exam not once but twice & narrowly passed it on the third attempt. He was admitted to the Royal Military College. Churchill finally employed ‘keen mind’ & excelled n became one of the most successful leaders in the army. He mastered art of language & became a charming orator. He later joined politics. As a Prime Minister, he rallied a huge coalition, fought & victoriously neutralised Hitler’s hateful terror. He reinstated peace not only in Europe but across the world. As a parent/guardian, don’t lose hope or give up on a child experiencing difficulties be @ home or at school. Just keeping trying until ur child finds a career. Don’t spew negative utterances that demean a child. Don’t employ violence as a disciplinary tool. Seek trust by befriending a child. Don’t confuse friend n parent. They’re different. Friendship begets trust. Yes you can be both parent & a friend. Express your displeasure/regrets if s/he does smthg wrong. Praise the child if s/he does something good for it motivates the child to continue doing what’s right. Be the child’s main source of love, hope, courage and motivation. No doubt s/he will find something worthy to do. There’re plenty out there to choose a career from & earn a better life. From farming, music, sport, or plumbing etc. If u give up, the ending career may sadly be criminality which is not always the intended destiny” (By Kur Akech Thiak)

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