Chief Manyok Deng Biar's most recent speech

There's no doubt that at least more than half of those who have posted or commented on posts about Chief Manyok Deng Biar's recent speech directed to some pastors and generals from his community are supportive of his views. He's probably the most popular chief (on social media) from the Dinka-speaking part of Jonglei region at the moment.


to him! How has he managed to win over the hard-to-please social media community?

As in so many communities and countries globally, his path has been cleared by former US president Trump, who normalized that type of public speaking. I have listened to the speech in question, but I'm still examining why it has been so well received with almost no objections. Does his position on the launch of Awulian women's uniforms carry no risks? Is it because his position on the launch of women's uniforms has the consensus of his community? I'm not sure on that. However, it would be fantastic if there are still communities that can agree fully on such matters. Possibly those pastors and generals he attacked in his speech are just being cautious because they have already seen that such uniforms have created or triggered difficult problems in other communities. Their caution could save the chief from having to deal with such problems down the road, but he's only viewing the objections as a challenge to his authority. So why has social media fans of the chief chosen to completely ignore the possible reasoning of his opponents?

Firstly, the chief has cleverly managed to present the issue as one about the separation or lack of separation of powers between the church, state, and traditional authorities. This is a powerful narrative or bait that has won over social media audience.

Secondly, the chief has taken advantage of the fatigue that the masses currently have with the domineering military and church officials.

Because of those reasons and others, I haven't written here and others the readers may add, commenters are choosing to ignore other aspects of the speech such as obvious threats of violence to opponents (a recurring theme in his speeches of late) and potentially defamatory accusations. Nevertheless, he has proven to be one of the chiefs who is willing to adapt and publicly entertain folks on contemporary debates.

By Mike Kwir

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