The newsy virus which is jumping from continent to continent like www. is teaching us better hygiene habits, especially in South Sudan. We are washing and sanitising our hands more frequently. And whether you are a Rastafarian or Jehovah Witness, we are all conditioned to salute the Rasta way: fist-to-fist, or elbow-to -elbow, or if you like, you can do the footsie. The human hand, like social media, is a dirty agent in the fast spread of the virus. The shuttle virus is not sexy like HIV and AIDS which is long-term. This one has reduced people to distance relationships. "Sorry, we can't meet this weekend. If you are itching to whisper something to me, please WhatsApp! or inbox me." "For a kiss, please use emoji with hot lips. Thank you for understanding," run the online messages.

Stay safe!! By Victor Lugala

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